There are various steps to follow in website design development process. It goes from collecting initial information to designing of your site, and lastly to maintenance in order to keep your website current and up to date.

The exact process will slightly vary from one designer to another. However, the basics are similar. The processes are:

· Information gathering

· Planning

· Development

· Testing and delivery

· Maintenance

Gathering information

This is the first step in website design and development. Several things should be considered when the feel and look of your site are created. They include purpose, goals, target audience and content.


Using the information collected from phase one, it’s time to put together some plan for your website. It’s the point where a website map is developed. The site map is some list of major topic areas and sub-topics, when applicable. It serves as a guideline to what kind of content will be included on the site. It’s significant in developing some consistent and simple to understand navigational system.


Drawing from the information collected up to this point, it is time to determine the feel and look of your site. Target audience is among the major factors you should take into consideration. It’s also vital incorporating elements like company colors and logo to assist in strengthening the identity of your organization on the website.


This is the stage where the website itself is created or designed. At this point, your web developer is going to take all individual graphic elements from the model and utilize them to develop the actual and functional site. It’s normally carried out by developing first the home page and then followed by a “shell” for the inner pages.

Most developers will work on a test server or a dedicated server before moving it over to the proper hosting account.

Testing and delivery

At this stage, your website developer is going to attend to the last details and test the site. They’ll test such things like the complete functionality of forms, or other scripts and final testing for last minute compatibility problems.


Your website development isn’t necessarily over, yet. One means of bringing repeat visitors to your website is through providing, on the regular basis, new products or contents. The majority of website designers are going to be more than satisfied continuing to work with you, to update the information trickling on your website. Several designers provide maintenance packages at reduced costs or rates, depending on how often you expect making additions or changes to your website.